Makassar Trepang
 We Sell Sea Cucumber Directly

Makassar Island



We are a growing company in Makassar who specialize in produce and export high quality processed sea cucumber like sandfish, White teatfish, Stone fish. We mainly supply to wholesalers, distributors, seafood restaurants mainly in Chinese dominated countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.


Focusing on High Quality Sea Cucumber !
The sea cucumber industry was growing in the late 1990s, Continuous overfishing can affect the sustainability of sea cucumber production. Over exploitation can accelerate destruction or depletion of sea cucumber populations. Based on internal (overfishing) and external (market) factors that influence sea cucumber fishing and farming, new management and technical strategies have been proposed. These are: (1) promoting sustainable use/fishing; (2) restocking and seafarming; (3) introducing regulations on marketable size; and (4) improving post harvest handling and processing.


"It takes tremendous resources to catch the high quality sea cucumber (Trepang) due to small and medium size fishing boat used by local fisherman. We have to work closely with them and provide respective tools and assistance for the catching of high quality SandFish & TeatFish sea cucumber. We have a strict control and practises for handling and post harvest processing. The reason is to maintain the freshness and quality of sea cucumber being exported to our clients in overseas"


Due to the high quality demand from the clients overseas; we mainly export Sandfish (H.Scabra), White Teatfish (H.Fuscogilva) and Stone Fish (Actinopyga Lecanora) sea cucumber directly after post-harvest process.


With strong operations across Maritime Southeast Asia and being active in Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea; we maintain our position as a 'world-class' player of these products. With strict quality control and customer centric business structure, our vision and direction are tied closely with the customers' requirement and market demand.