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Sand Fish (Holothuria scabra)

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Scientific Name: Holothuria Scabra

Length: 25-45 cm


The body is oval and stout with flattened ends; H. scabra has prominent wrinkles on its upper surface and is generally smaller and lighter that the versicolor variety.


H. scarbra has a grey to greenish upper surface with many fine black spots, and a creamy lower surface.  The versicolor variety is more variable in colour, ranging from beige (uniform or with black spots) to uniform black.


Sandfish are found in many countries in the Indo-Pacific, from east Africa to the eastern Pacific. They are usually found between the latitudes of 30°N and 30°S.

The preferred habitats of sandfish are shallow tropical waters, usually less than 20m deep, such as sheltered areas with high levels of nutrients, including muddy substrata and seagrass beds. They can tolerate reduced salinity (20 ppt) for short periods and so are sometimes found in brackish water. Its average density is about 100 animals per hectare. They often spend part of the day buried in the silty sand.

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