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Stone Fish (Actinopyga Lecanora)

Live Dried


Scientific Name: Actinopyga Lecanora

Length: 40 cm

Width: 9 cm


A large sea cucumber, spindle-shaped when static and highly elongated when active.  It has a ventral mouth surrounded by 20 tentacles.  Anus is surrounded by 5 anal teeth.  The upper surface is sparsely covered in small papillae.


Varies considerably, but there is always a very light-coloured patch around the anus.  The dorsal surface is often brown with white mottling.  Some specimens appear paler, with grey patches on a cream background.


Lives at depths from 0 to 20 metes on hard substrates.  This species is entirely nocturnal.  In the daytime, it is often found under large stones, in gaps in reef slopes or in sheltered areas affected by tidal currents.

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